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Headling Hibiscus
Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork

Traditional massage using slow connective strokes and kneading to promote muscle relaxation and relief of stress.
60/90 minutes $70/$100

deep tissue
Provides a deeper release of stress and tension in the muscles.
60/90 minutes $70/$100

Reflex points on the feet, hands and ears are stimulated to release blocked energy from the body including major organs.
60/90 minutes $70/$100

foot rehabilitation
These techniques help to restore foot, ankle, knee, and hip integrity. This promotes more awareness in our feet.
60/90 minutes $70/$100

lomi lomi massage
A Hawaiian inspired massage, allowing a deeper state of relaxation.
60/90 minutes $70/$100

polynesian hot stone massage
Enjoy a deep dream state of surrender as you are massaged with heated stones.
90/120 minutes $100/$120

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