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Headling Hibiscus

Special Spa Services

kinesio ® taping technique
A therapeutic taping method that allows for treatment for all types of clinical conditions such as orthopedic, neurologic, and even autonomic pathologies in age groups. The application guidelines allow for and assist normal circulation/lymphatic flow, normal muscle function, remodeling of fascial tissue, and can improve joint balance. The Kinesio ® Taping Method is designed to guide the body toward homeostasis.

ionic detox foot bath
A 30-minute treatment of soaking your feet in a specialized foot tub to help release toxins in the body thru the feet. Please see video link.
$35 per session or a series of 4 sessions for $100 (savings of $40)

coconut & hibiscus srub
Exfoliating body scrub removing dead skin cells and lusciously moisturizing the body.
30 min. $40

ear candling
This ancient art uses coned-shaped candles to draw out debris from the ears. This treatment is soothing, relaxing, healing, and non-invasive.
45 minutes $40
Price includes 2 candles

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