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Headling Hibiscus

My name is Dea Mendoza and I am a Certified Holistic Massage Therapist, Medical Massage Practitioner and Holistic Health Practitioner. I have been practicing Holistic Massage Therapy Since 2002. I received my certification from The World School of Massage and Holistic Healing Arts in San Francisco, CA.

What sets me apart from a lot of massage therapists is the fact that I LOVE what I do. I enjoy helping people and have found my place in what I can give to provide a service that has more meaning than just a massage.

I help my clients to facilitate their own healing on a physical, mental, emotional, and most of all on a spiritual level. I have been blessed to have so many wonderful clients who have been with me from the very beginning who see the benefits of my work and have transformed their lives with my help.

What I find that is important is listening to the needs of my clients and not coming from a "textbook" approach. Every one is different and my techniques are catered to each client. I provide a nurturing and compassionate way of understanding my clients.

I hope that you can find some time to take care of yourself whether it's scheduling a massage or taking time to sit still in silence or to quiet the mind even if it's just for a few minutes. We all deserve peace of mind and well-being.

"Helping People...One Massage At A Time"

© Healing Hibiscus